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Activity Monitor computer spy software is for real time monitoring and continuous tracking of users activities on network connected computers. With Activity Monitor you can view in real time screens of remote computers, typed keystrokes, visited Internet sites history, used applications, record all activity to the log file and do much more. The log files from different computers can be combined and exported to HTML or MS Excel for advanced analysis, so you can have full usage statistics of the networked computers.

Activity Monitor is the solution you needed!

This powerful tool allows you to track any LAN, giving you the most detailed information on what, how and when your network users performed. Whether it is a library public network, university or commercial organization network – Activity Monitor offers efficient control.

Any computer in the network under control can be spied remotely. You may tune this computer monitoring software so that it will record activity on all networked computers. This information can be later used for the deeper analysis and advanced report generation.

Most Important Features

  • when user types any keystrokes in any window on his remote PC, this text appears on your screen in real time (text may include email, chat conversation, documents, passwords and everything else)
  • view the screen of the desktop of remote computers
  • monitor Internet usage on the workplaces in real time and record the Internet surfing history to the log file
  • spy on the list of software running on the remote PC and see in real time how user switches between or runs applications
  • record activity log for all workplaces on the local or shared network location
  • take snapshots of remote PC screen or active window in specified time interval and save them on the local or shared network location in compressed JPEG format
  • turn off/restart remote computers, log off user
  • run programs/commands on remote computers, open web page or document, send instant message for remote user, terminate remote processes
  • start processes / run commands on remote computers without having Agent installed there
  • copy any files, including logs and screenshots from the remote computers
  • export logs to HTML file for convenient viewing. HTML file also contains embedded screenshots
  • export logs to MS Excel for advanced analysis
  • export logs to CSV file for further import into any database
  • download and export log files from all computers by schedule
  • combine log files from the different computers or users and export them into a single resulting file
  • monitor multiple employee computers simultaneously from a single workstation in LAN
  • this employee monitoring software system consists of server and client parts. Activity Monitor server can be installed on any computer in LAN. You will be able to monitor from this computer. Remote spy software (Agent) is a small client program that is installed on all computers on the network you want to monitor. It can be installed even remotely (Windows NT/2000/XP machines)
  • autodetection of computers with installed Agent software on LAN
  • workplace surveillance software part, running on the monitored PC, is difficult to find for an employee because it does not show up in the task list (on Win9X) and runs completely invisible. It can not be terminated in Task Manager (on WinNT/2000/XP) without administrator permissions.
  • install/uninstall or stop Agent spy application remotely from the administrator PC
  • Agent runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, Activity Monitor works on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP


    I think this is a great product. You definitely undercharge for this application :)
    Mark, IT Director, USA

    I am a new user to Activity Monitor version 3.7 and wanted to let you know what a fantastic program you have. I has been instrumental in monitoring student activities on the network and has been key to keeping the student’s internet surfing and online activities in line with school network, internet policies. Great Job!
    Ron, School Technology Instructor, USA

    I very much appreciate your timely and professional response. Technical support is important and you have affirmed that I can trust your company to stand behind their applications.
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